Elevators Connected

Elevator cable closed loop 1

Big step forward on Friday evening/night (4th October) .. with the helpof Keith and a lot of his little helpers (children !) we managed to get the Elevators held steady/level, the joystick held centrally and vertically and in neutral, and the first cable secured and clamped before using the large Nicopress tool (many thanks to Channel Island Aero Services CIAS – Bob, Bob, Graham and the team for their continued good natured support !).

After a good couple of hours more of tweaking and adjusting first top, then bottom cables we finally went from a state of far too much down, far too little up and a neutral that would have had you heading earthwards at more than the approach into City airport !! to a state of great celebration as it slowly moved to 20 degrees up, 20 degrees down and a neutral that was spot on !

The turnbuckles just need a couple of turns to bring them in line with the MAX 3 exposed thread limit noted on the plans.

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