Wing – First Test Fit !

Sunday 10th November – bought some plastic saw horse trestles and these were cut down by around 40mm to ensure that offering up the first wing (Starboard Lower) was a mill or so aligned with the standard (out of the factory) holes.

Long thin temporary split pins were used to locate the wing and get a sense of where things would line up.

wing fit first 1

Lots more pre reading planned now on the general fitting of the wings as well as repositioning the ‘plane so that I can get wings either side (need to remove the rudder – so I can get around the back end to the other side of the workshop). TLAC offer the load of their drilling guide and extended drill bit to ensure that the wings fit correctly.

Temp fit of the second wing and your realise the rake is quite pronounced

two wings


Then I have to work out a method of supporting the top wings … possibly a series of uprights with adjustable pegs to allow careful positioning.


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