Smoke system – LAA MOD’s

Some time ago I decided I would like to add a smoke system – on the basis that if you dont add it now (whilst you have a fully open structure) you never will !

I would not intend to use it every flight but it would be nice to have the option to ‘Smoke on’ if the sky was blue and the sun was out (if it ever will be such again !!)

The original supplier I found in the US decided to cease production so my initial MOD2 request LAA stopped after Francis Donaldson at LAA kindly replied and indicated they would be happy to see the MOD3 as long as I added a manual cut off over and above the electrical cut off.

Smokin Tank

I then located Smokin  Airplanes who offer a very neat unit and will ship all the mechanics (minus tank) and their very helpful site shows worked examples of both fitting and FAA submission details.

I am now working closely with Paul at TLAC who is kindly advising on location/weight/balance

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