Wing foot rests

The plan offers details of a single foot rest but mentions you can put one on each side.

To save the awkwardness of ALWAYS having to tell people they must only get out of one side, I have decided to add a step each side. The plan states 3mm but checking with Paul its 6mm ply which my Dad kindly sourced for me at a model shop in the UK.

The only ply available in Jersey is a veneer top and bottom and rubbish in between !

step port

The steps have 2 x 1 hardwood batton doublers spanning main and drag spars and these are then planed down to follow the contour of the ribs. The ply foot plate is then shaped and the whole lot epoxied to spars and battons.

Once in position the leading (and trailing ?) edge of the footrest is blended in by slighlty building up the ribs and then sanding down. I guess you then dont get a step change when the material (Oratex) is applied.

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