Trailer preparation

An excellent friend at the local aero club who happens top be a cracking engineer has very kindly offered to help build a trailer.

Mike (Fleming) had popped up to the building workshop last year and offered some great, sensible, practical advice on a range of build techniques. One thing he did point out was that the pile of swarf next to the drill (which I felt made me a ‘real’ engineer) was probably more of a hazard and should be kept cleaned up on a regular basis ! Fair point and I have tried to spend 1 hour every month re-tidying the workshop which really does make a difference.

Mike has now mapped out the 100x 20mm tubular steel framework that will make up the basic layout. The cross members will be welded / tagged and the cross members added to make up the mounting points for the suspension units.

The local garage has all trailer supplies. Mike suggested leaving the wheel plates until we bring the trailer on site and then test load so that any wheel tracking/splay is catered for and then weld them in place.

Being able to move the ‘plane around will be very handy as engine checks/runs could be conducted at the airport/CIAS.



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