Leading edges and wing tip added

Before I can start to trestle up the lower wing for more test fits and final fit/rigging I need to ensure that all major parts are completed so it has an all up representative weight of the finished object (minus covering).

That means completing the leading edge fitting using the scarfed panels, 3 per leading edge. The soaking in the bath really helped but I discovered the original jig I created didn’t give it enough bend. Last weekend I had a nightmare evening trying to get the first leading edge panel to wrap around the wing. Eventually, as Paul usually says, if it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t !! I gave up, removed all the glue and left it all alone.

Took the 2 panels I have pre shaped back and re-wet and made an adjustment to the jig. Much better now and the first one offered up to leading edge wrapped around nicely with very little effort to get it to seat.

Last night glued the first one in place

Leading edge 2

and this morning fixed the second. Only doing one at a time so that I make sure it all clamps down well and true full width with the battons.

Final inboard section added

wing tip plus full Stbd lower le wingtip 2 wingtip 1

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