Late night Saturday

It was a post midnight effort on Saturday .. with so many bits coming together and with it really (really !) starting to take shape now its difficult to know when to stop.

Building in the barn late at night with Peacock screeches outside in the dark is quite eerie ! but you can crack on usually without interruptions. Keith (the barn owner) occasionally pops in with a wide eyed visitor which is nice as it gives you an excuse to stop and actually look at the watch !

This Saturday it was very quiet and industrious ! The problem is – with a young family living next to the barn, I have set myself a self imposed ‘noise curfew’ of around 10:00 pm .. after which I wont drill or hit anything with a hammer (not that I have to resort to hammers on the aircraft !) ….

Saturday was a problem though – filing the 8 strut brackets and cutting and filing the jury strut angle brackets was particularly noisy. So it was emery and wet and dry sponges post 10:00 pm 🙂

Also have you ever tried to shake an etch prime paint tin quietly ! (wrapping it in a towel) … the things we do eh ……

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