When things go wrong ….

You know that nagging problem … you’ve done something … you have 100’s of little but important jobs to finish and you keep looking back at that bit that wasn’t quite right … yes I am sure it will be fine …. carry on with other bits … then you look at it again … sure it will tighten up and straighten out …. get some other bits ready to do .. then you go back and look it critically !


You just know it will nag and nag and nag ….. better to just maker the decision up front and scrap it !

bent cable

Its only a piece of wire and a thimble BUT threading it through the top cabin fitting I slightly crimped the cable and now it has a small kink in it … I will stare at it in front of me EVERY time I fly …. nope … scrap it … make another ….

Straight cable

Ironically it takes far longer agonising over the ‘shall I, shan’t I’ than the few minutes it takes to actually MAKE ANOTHER !!


Looks nice straight 🙂

(Incidentally – Brolly is an idea pinched from MotoGp – to keep the dust out of the cockpit as much as I can !)

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