16:00 Sunday 1st June – I have a Bi Plane !!

Having spent weeks preparing the wings for the moment I could trial fit them all into position …. it seems to have suddenly crept up on me !

With the lower pair trestled and secure and dihedral and incidence set Keith and I rigged a support for the top wing and tips and then lifted the starboard wing into position, fitting the temporary 3/16″ bolt in the rear joint and bush.

20140601_132320  20140601_161206 20140601_152531 20140601_152524

We then swung the leading edge forward and lifted the wing to allow the two strut bars to settle fore and aft of the main spar. This was a tricky moment as the struts should have been finished in situ, NOT Before !

The top wing, in position, was a matter of inches from the barn roof so I couldn’t check the dihedral with my lower wing dihedral board (This was 3 degree anyway). Having made some very dodgy mental calculations of potential diherdral based on differential gap over 5 ribs I opted to make a top wing dihedral check board of 1 degree slope. With the struts firmly in place between the wings and the central main spar bolt located through the alloy mounts for the turnbuckles at the lower fitting, the same was set at the top wing fitting.

20140601_153210 20140601_161136 20140601_161115 20140601_161101

The same routine was repeated for the Port wing and in a metter of minutes we had all 4 wings located and suddenly it looked like a LOT OF AIRCRAFT !


This is now ready for the equipment shipped out from TLAC , a tailored dolly and extended drill bit and reamers to allow a tailored joint to be drilled to set the angle in the fuselage body.

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