Final Wing Pin drilling – Team Effort !

Last night saw the final few holes drilled for the port wing, with Mike and I running through the logged routine of prep and drill/boss sequence.

A welcome support member to the evening event was our local Chief Flying Instructor – James Evans.  James immediately rolled up his sleeves and was holding wings, drill bits, lining holes as well as looking at the progress from the last time he saw the build which was over a year ago.

There was a slight moment when, having drilled all the holes and reamed them the bottom wing just wouldn’t align and the pin was slightly out. Eventually we remembered that we had spotted this on the starboard wing where the spar comes up against the main fuselage bracket and has to have a very small notched filed to allow it to clear (once it has settled on its 3 degree dihedral).

spar cut

Notch duly filed and hey presto … the wing slipped into place, the peg fitted like a glove – tight but fully seated and no play. Then the FINAL cross check – although it did look all aligned to the eye ….. out with the dihedral boards to re-check 3 degree bottom, 1 degree top.. perfect…

James had the honour of slipping in the final pin.

James pin

Thanks for all your help guys …. as we discussed last night .. so many quiet nights over nearly 2 years … its great to have enthusiastic and such knowledgeable company .. all of whom are so willing to give up hours of their time to help keep things moving.

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