Aileron – closed loop

Last night was a busy evening, scalloped leading edges then completed the closed loop on the aileron system.

Still not 100% happy with it as I need to get the ‘straight line’ runs from the bellcranks to the bottom of the joystick completely ‘rub’ free. At the moment its slightly rubbing on the last rib .. I have elongated the rib lightening hole, just need a fraction more off.

Ail connect

The picture above shows quite an excess on the cables as I didn’t want to cut these too short. This will be taped off, cut and then the heat shrink set once I have had it all inspected.

Also need to make sure that the fibreglass wing root fillet is cut away sufficiently to not touch. At the moment this has the cables missing each other by over 25mm so I have got separation … just need to get the exits clean.

Seem to be getting the required 25′ up and 15′ down though. I have to finalise the bottom to top aileron interconnecting rod, but push fit test has them working very smoothly.

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