Birthday boy(s)

Well … another year comes …. turns our Paul H S and I share the same Birthday (he being the fresh faced junior – by 1 year !)

Many happy returns Capn ….

Reluctant as I am to embrace all the new technology (I have been an IT specialist and programmer/change manager my entire career) but refuse to be dragged (kicking and screaming into the unstructured Facebook world ! I have, nevertheless resorted to a birthday ‘selfie’ .. my first and possibly my last …..

I have had the Sherwood two years in October and have refused to sit in her until the moment was right ! Last night was that moment…. Off the trestles that have had her in flying pose whilst all the setup is completed, she was sitting on her tail and I just had to finally sit in ….

first sit in


OK – Its not the normal selfie you might expect … but hey …. what has been built isn’t run of the mill !

The picture tells me other things of course .. got to put stiffeners on the rear of the front seat back panel and also must get the PTT switch bevel in position !

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