Having created a draft P1 panel for the rear out of hardboard I got Ray and Russell from our locale Marin Fabrication company to cut the template out of thin metal. I have designed a rectangle hole in the centre of this so that we can have an easy to access rear panel for the main gauges.

The initial depth of the panel is deliberately oversized so that we can cut back based on how it sits in the turtle deck. It currently sits exactly level with the top of the stick so this will be cut back to ensure good movement and still be able to get my knees in !

The aim is to have it deep enough to allow up to two rows of the smaller Winter dials and still have room for a row of switches / fuses in the bottom. I have already fitted the two stage carb heat unit which will results in two switches and two lights  and I aim to have the switches on the lower panel and warning/advisory lights above the panel – so they stay more in eye line.

The right of the panel will hold the slightly larger diameter multi unit gauge – again – this has a warning LED so shouldn’t be mounted too low.

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