New Visitor – and an old dog – new tricks

Had a new visitor last night – a chap who had left the island a short while ago to locate to beautiful Devon. I bumped into Tim Baker at a harbour restaurant in Jersey last month and Tim asked how the ‘plane was going. Having updated him and mentioned the blog he promptly went home that evening and read the entire blog start to finish !! (stamina or what !)

Tim was very keen to visit the build so came along last night just in time for my latest package in the post from TLAC – more M62 rivets .. for the aileron rods and wing strut bracing rods.

Tim Baker

Having shown Tim how great Celco’s are for holding things in place whilst you set everything up I offered Tim my very old (but very reliable and very very well used rivet gun). Tim popped the first rivet in then flipped it upside down and ejected the rivet shaft …..

ADMISSION TIME …. I never knew that was how you ejected the old stem ! I have always tapped the side to get the stem to come through the face edge of the tool – not always with success. Just goes to show you can use a tool (incorrectly for 18 months !) and then working with someone else and a lightbulb moment !

Tim has offered his skills for future help which I am sure will help move things along when extra hands are required – like dismantling in the next week or so to move barns !

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