Barn move … wings dismantle

In readiness for the relocation of the aircraft into a barn where I can get the trailer in and out, I have been finishing off all the wing parts. This means its coming up to the time when I can

  • disassemble the wings from the body – Sam helped me de-rig – all that lovely careful work !!
  • give them a good clean/de dust
  • Thinned polyurethane coat

wings off


  • Relocate the body outside similarly blow all the dust away
  • Mike F has sourced a running rail for the rear wheel which we will be attaching to the trailer
  • Then, with a suitable winch added we will be able to trailer mount her in readiness for the Jersey Air Display
  • Then re-attach wings and rigging before …
  • FIRST test load onto the trailer.

James suggested running the trailer tyres slightly lower to give more protection to jarring whilst towing. Good idea on our roads out here !

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