Wooden evening

Last night was a very blustery evening in Jersey with the remnants of the US hurricane giving us a F8 most of the day and F9 at some stages… cancelled my hop from Jersey to Guernsey and Cherbourg and then back … have been in the circuit at Guernsey before with a 50 knot headwind and boy is it slow .. then they tell you to turn downwind … once you top 150+ ground speed it makes the base leg turn an interesting juggle !

Anyway, last night was a predominantly wooden evening – getting all the material landing plates template and then onto the ply and then cut out and sanded. Becks – our new temp assistant at work kindly did the cutting out of the templates for me – takes a nice steady hand – thanks Becks !

20141021_201141  20141021_212449

All marked onto the 1.5 mm ply and cut, trimmed and sanded. Just need my 1/2″ balsa packing to arrive then I can get onto the fuselage. I also created 8 leading edge gussets for the wings (root and tip) from 6mm ply. This is in readiness for the aluminium root fairing that will eventually cover most of this area.

20141021_215507  20141021_214122


Part of the problem, living on an island .. you cant get balsa ! – shipping that massively heavy weight of 4 lengths of 4″ wide x 36″ (cost of wood £9) .. cost of shipping £30 !! .. Cost of an Easyjet ticket to Southend – £29 …. the world has gone mad !

Anyway – shipped to my son in Oxford so hope to get a sensible shipping cost and the wood shortly.

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