Firewall forward – Fuel gascolator

Having pre shaped the gascolator bracket and rounded the edges off, I had pre marked the bulkhead for its location so that it was close to the line of the fuel cut off valve (situated on the starboard nose side) and low enough to keep it away from key electrical parts if anything went wrong.

There had been a slight delay as the Rivnut gun had sheared its mandrill on the 3rd hole used ! Tools Plus in St Peter, Jersey  did an amazing job and spotted that it could probably be replaced by another manufacturers part – perfect ! £4  and back on the road !

With the new holes drilled the reminded myself how the rivnut gun works .. takes a few goes to get your head around it … had Keith and I slackening and tightening every bolt in site until we cracked it


Then brought gascolator in ….


Next step, where best to run the fuel lines … ‘IN’ being towards the centre of the firewall, ‘OUT’ being towards the outer edge and nicely positioned for the connection to the carb.

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