Next major sign off today

Great sunny hot autumn day in Jersey and next major sign off by Bob Wright our local CAA engineer from Channel Island Aero Services.

Bob and I wheeled the trailer out into the sunshine and had a look at all the aspects that needed to be covered. A very successful visit with a few things noted to review.


I noted a slight problem with the wing bolt shrouds I had fitted the other evening, now, in the open space I could expand the wings to full width .. only to find that one shroud catches on the lower circumference of the mainspar – so a little trimming will be required.

Bob ran through the various checkpoints, namely:

  • Complete empennage structure and alignment and quality
  • Undercarriage for quality, alignment and dimensions
  • Flying control assembly
  • Ailerons before covering
  • Complete mainplane structures, fitting and quality

A few points Bob noted were duly added to the LAA snag schedule under ‘OUTSTANDING ACTIONS’ which I can start to review

  • Looks like I may have used an incorrect aileron bellcrank bolt (fraction too short) with no thread showing through nyloc
  • Aileron stop points – worked at the torque tube when I had no aileron connected but now connected their travel stops short so they don’t actually hit the stops
  • Elevator cable crosses over mid body – need to look at keeping them from rubbing
  • Consider turnbuckle ‘sight hole’ so you know how many threads are engaged vs how many you can see exposed

Bob was pleased I had pre treated all internal tubes with waxoyl as other older aircraft get grounded if they have had no treatment and need internal inspection. I will make a note to add to the builders log that they are all done.

May consider additional internal coating of main spar with an aviation approved anti rust coating. Lots of salt air our here !

Bob left saying he cannot wait to fly in her ! …. high praise indeed 🙂 Cheers Bob

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