Top cowl trim – First Cut

Started to trim the top cowl and get the basic outline first fit. As the guide from TLAC states – measure 3 times and then cut once.


The dremel came in very handy although with a wrap around mouth guard and protective glasses it all steamed up very quickly which made following the cut guide line quite tricky.

The first fit showed I had a slight varaition on the rear seating omn the top decking. Seconds trim took a couple of mm further off to level that up.


Still a little I’m not happy on so will sand now as the dremel can easily run off meaning a reach for the filler !

The problem I now have is howmuch to take out of the top for the engine cylinder heads that protrude and how much to take fom top and how much from bottom. As the guide say, be prepared to take these off and on many many many times !

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