Air Speed

On a roll last night so drilled the holes to locate the airspeed indicator pickup pitot tubes. I purchased the very nicely turned alloy blocks from TLAC to mount these through. My earlier slots cut a few months ago have been filled as they were far too big and looked pretty ugly if i’m honest !

20141116_221747  20141116_223717

The new holes are still a little tight – but easier to start under and work up. The Pitot tubing will route down the inner for the strut and then be fed into the trailing spar to re-surface at the lower wing rear hing point to then be routed and cable tied to the fuselage frame to the rear of the panel.

The pitot tubes have been left oversized at the moment and require trimming dow, the extended dowel pin in the from of the top tube provides the static block and will be smoothed to bullet shape.

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