Exhaust First Fit

Having tried a number of local stores to source a 4.5 mm allen key my good friend Mike Fleming managed to locate one and hey presto … it first not only the cylinder head cover plates but also the exhaust manifold bolts. The manifold bolts were surprisingly easy to slacken .. had expected quite a bit of grunt.


A couple of turns and the downpipes were freely moving

20150118_154658  20150118_154712

Admission time ! – Yes , I did cut the holes in the wrong place ! Then spotted the TLAC perfectly marked holes !

20150118_162622  20150118_162605

20150118_162557  20150118_162635

Nice neat fit … leaves a few minor eeking out of the holes to make sure its a snug fit but looks great.

Paul H S has sourced me a replacement top cowl which has been shipped to my son at Williams F1 ! so they will be wondering where exactly on the FW37 this part actually fits !!!  Driving over with a van to drop Benjamin’s house bits off so coming back empty which will mean I get the cowl back in one piece.

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