Welcome Graham !

Graham from CIAS engineering kindly popped up to the barn to give me his expert engine advice on wiring and routing and oil bits.

The Jabiru I have is brand new so still only has delivery oil in it. This will be drained and filled with proper oil. Then plan to tighten up all the fittings. Will have to do my first wirelocking to date when I re-secure the oil drain plug. Early attempts look naff compared to professional … guess I need to practice using the long reel of wire I have ! I think borrowing my sons wiring tool will help spin it neatly.

Graham advised on inline wiring as well as general setup and neat routing using pclips on the sump bolts to route away from very hot parts. Now I just need to find the (yet another) odd sized sump allen bolts.  I have now bought the Jabiru spark plug socket as well as the extended adaptor for doing the manifold bolts.

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