Engine oil – ready W15W-50

Graham at CIAS kindly dug out the engine oil I need from stores so its ready to go in once I have finished fiddling with the oil cooler. Managed to work out last night that with the cooler on I cant get the lower cowl on and off !

I reckon that with the cooler matrix connected I will be able to remove the lower matrix scoop, and support the oil cooler on a temporary bracket on the bulkhead when removing the lower cowl. May even rivnut a hook on for that purpose now.


That would mean – a full lower cowl removal would take approx 5 minutes or less, so not too bad.

2 thoughts on “Engine oil – ready W15W-50

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  1. Hi david,
    nice to see you are getting on well with your Ranger.
    Just want to check that you are using the correct oil for running in your new Jabiru Engine.
    Check in the manual but i think you should use a straight oil for the first 30 or so hours.
    Happy Landings

    1. James – my wing man ! Good spot – I am dissappearing under manuals and guides and leaflets etc and hadnt spotted that …. Many thanks .. it only took a litre which I can easily drain out and get the proper ‘running in’ stuff sorted. Really pushing on now .. nose painted – tips on the way but super smooth grey .. then lots of cub yellow to go on ! Wiring going in now

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