Engine connect – Bits arrived in the post !

Demon Tweeks box arrived with my replacement parts yesterday and also Ray at Marine Fabrications drilled the exhaust and manifold pipes so busy night last night !

  • Drained the W80 oil out of the engine and replaced with straight 100
  • Re-wirelocked it all up
  • Fitted the Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) probes in both rear manifold pipes – nice fit
  • Re fitted both rear manifolds – probe and cable runs look good and clear of cowl and bits
  • Checked the oil injectors fit in the exhaust outlet pipes, again looks good
  • Oiled the Aeroquip fittings and re fitted the oil cooler underneath
  • Routed and trimmed the two braided oil pipes away from exhaust and through to the Temperature controlled filter unit (TOCA)
  • Drilled the new ply mounting plate for the smoke oil remote filler

20150428_215134  20150428_215342


20150428_220157  20150428_215128


20150428_214227  Pre tape to prevent fraying when cutting

20150428_205436  EGT probe – flush fit

20150428_210553 – Probe in position – same the other side

20150428_210832  Proper sized Aeroquip right angle to route it neatly over inlet manifold



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