Service with a smile ! – Adams Aviation … Mike Ball

What a turnaround this morning .. trying to source a stainless Comms ariel for the ‘plane and finally got a response from one firm that said, yes, they do stock them but they couldn’t provide a quote as I wasnt a business AND the minimum order was £750 AND (therefore) I would have to order a minimum of 4 !!!

Then, I get a contact through a great chap who pops over here to do Jersey avionics (Adrian) who kindly gave me the contact of Adams Aviation … One ‘phonecall …

Amazingly helpful chap called Mike Ball asked in I needed one capable of Mach 2 before we both laughed and agreed the Sherwood would probably come just under that on normal approaches 🙂

Ci 292 1 ariel

Mike took the VAT off, asked if I was LAA and discounted for that and hey presto, its in the post.

Why cant everyone in the world work like this ….

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