Ariel location and ground plane – Hold that thought ! – See next post

Been thinking about where best to locate this and almost settled on rear body somewhere with the ground plane bend to the inside curvature of the body when Mike (my wizard engineer) popped around yesterday.

I took the chance to get some other ideas and he suggested on top of the centre section. This could be handy when pulling loops (once LAA approved of course !) as it would give you a nice straight line to line your reference point on 🙂

A quick text to Adrian (my electronics guru, who very kindly answered my Sunday text) as I thought the ground plane may need to be curved but he assured me flat was OK.

IMG_0127  IMG_0126

Slot cut to accept the ground plane.

IMG_0130  IMG_0128

Secured with a small rivet and support washer each end.

The plan now is to get some countersunk steel bolts to go through the 3 Ariel mounting holes and into rivnuts so they can be fitted ‘blind’ and also aid any future servicing.

The rake of the Ariel means I will see about 50% of it from the pilot seat I guess.

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