Dismantling ….

Been a while since my last update but have been very busy at both work and visiting relatives in the UK ….

BUT ….

Lots going on now … in prep for the body painting I had to fully dismantle the ‘plane .. sad .. as you feel you are going backwards but … all 4 wings off .. rudder off .. elevator off …

IMG_0259  IMG_0258

IMG_0256  IMG_0255

So everything photo’d and labelled for later reassemble

Trailer repaired and roadworthy agin (many thanks for squeezing that into your really busy schedule Mike – much appreciated).

Then up bright and very early yesterday to give the ‘plane a ride through several Parishes ahead of the Monday morning traffic build up … Took her through St John, St Lawrence, St Aubin (she hasn’t been through that Parish to date !) then to St Brelade… all dropped off and unloaded by 7.30

Popped back at lunchtime and the painter guy had smoothed all the top cowl and it looked amazing … they noted that where the cabane supports go through the top decking its pretty close tolerance and could probably do with eeking out so we don’t get stress cracks … will get the Dremel out when I get her back.

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