Windscreens in

Andrew (Koester) very kindly popped around again to assist … he had won one of the charity raffle prizes to spend 1 hour ‘plane building !

He is now over 6 hours into his 1 hour prize !! Well done and much appreciated Andrew ..Having learned the art of gluing and fitting reenforcing Oratex strips we moved onto that 3 handed job of fitting and drilling the perspex windscreen fittings.

IMG_0964  IMG_0963

The first hole was drilled without a support alloy strip behind .. but ran the risk of the drill going through the body and then whizzing through the perspex and marking the inside of the cockpit coving … Andrew ‘back filled’ and we drilled all 22 holes (11 front, 11 rear).

With so much swarf around my nice clean screens we elected to cleco as we went, remove everything once drilled , blow it all clean and then re-fit.

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