Re-assembly – pre engine test run

Spent a few hours pulling various parts that were covered some time ago and can now be re-joined to the mother ship !

The Elevators have been off ever since covering as have the tailplanes and elevators but now I have decided the wings are on to stay (they have been on and off about 3 times to date) then they can all start to go back on board.

IMG_1775 IMG_1777

Pays to mark these ..(‘S’ for Starboard) as each was pretty built in situ you do get slight deviations in fitting placements … which effectively makes all placements unique.

IMG_1778 IMG_1779

Looks so much better when the tail goes on … will leave the re rigging off for now as that will get in the way of covering the sides. Picture right above … shows a position that will NEVER happen .. differential elevators !  – mid way through re connecting.

These are extremely difficult to re-connect post covering I imagine so I took the opportunity to reconnect now where I can get easy access. Will take the overhead of tricky side covering !

IMG_1780  IMG_1864

Nice to get first aileron back on .. These look quite nice now they are covered and sensible gap on the frise 🙂

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