It’s been a long Christmas !

Although it’s been a long family break I have been trying to keep things moving over the Christmas and New Year break !

The big build  to a ski trip was dashed when the high winds meant we couldn’t sail off the island so ended up flying to Malta .. Not renowned for its ski slopes ! But lovely 20′ nonetheless …

it’s been a great chance to catch up with odd days and hours when the work support and trips permitted …

  • Tidying and gluing the underside covering
  • This leaves just two full length sides  – about 3 evenings work
  • Re rigging all upper cables for the tailplane
  • Making a new wing bracing wire as last re rig proved one was just too short
  • Re thread the pitot tubes through the drag spar and into the fuselage
  • Connecting the plumbing for the fuel tank and incorporating a drain plug / valve
  • Completing the wiring of the 2 x CHT and 2 x EGT sensors
  • Adding a splitter pair of wires to allow a secondary CHT gauge in the front cockpit
  • Securing the throttle cable guide
  • Ordering some sheathed cable for the magnetos and headset connectors
  • Complete drilling and fitting of the lower wing tips using small alloy brackets to allow removable option
  • Tweak trailer wing support to accept tailor made carbon fibre supports that span two full ribs cushioning the whole transport
  • Re fitted all 4 ailerons
  • Purchased 4 gate bolts as advised by my good fellow builder Danny to make the return springs on each wing peg
  • Re sized the headrest to be a closer fit to the head bubble
  • Pre tested the icom unit

image image

image  image

Next step .. Onto trailer and up to the airport for first engine test run

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