O ring part two

Part duly arrived but having looked into the myriad of online Jabiru 2200 manuals I have now found the full servicing manual … The one that details taking pistons out and the like !

There is a very short section, like two sentences, on sump removal but it does note … ” .. On early engines you ‘may’ have two hidden bolts that secure the sump”

On review it seems that some bright designer thought it would be good in addition to the ring of Allen bolts securing the sump (easily accessible from the underside) they would add 2 bolts in from the rear of the engine mounting plate. This then has an additional minuting plate OVER that the has the two distributors fitted to it … So the only way you can tell is to dismantle the entire setup !

I have an awful feeling mine just might be that model but have no way of finding out …

Have now drained the engine oil which is clear as a bell and will now remove the filter to inspect for any signs of contamination. Have emaile Jabiru but not heard back yet on possibility of missing vs badly fitted part and have now asked for opinion on effect of this potentially lost in the sump somewhere …

All pretty depressing when I should be half way through engine ground running and taxi tests.

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