Trig wiring

Trig Radio and Transponder bits going in … Cut dash to accept both heads and fitted the base behind the pilot seat. Cable routed around body struts and now removing the pre tinned bits I did as Adrian advised me that the crimper will expect to crush onto cables NOT tinned .. Which might prevent proper crimping !

Manual in hand and pins and crimper at the ready .. Adrian also advised to butt the outer cable close to the end of the pin

image   imageimage  image

Many thanks to Paul HS for the kind loan of the superb Crimpers !

Update 6 June – OK – I worked through the night the other night – all excited to get to this part – makes it so much more real …. and, having crimped on the females to the radio thought lets crack on and use the remainder of the pins to do the Transponder … Oops – managed to use the wrong gender (females) so am now short of said item.

Looked on RS and wasn’t sure they looked the same and no one in Jersey will have them I guess so a quick call to Trig. What an amazingly helpful, polite team they are… lady answered just before 1800 (and I thought I might have to leave a message). She kindly passed me on to James who couldn’t do more to help .. sure he would pop some spares in the post – tomorrow OK ? – simply perfect !

We also had a chat about what aircraft they were going in and how it was progressing and the sort of support they offer after sales. Really good solid Company ! Many thanks guys.

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