Trig set up and test

Having setup the Trig Radio and Transponder it was time to final pin check and then setup for power only to realise id run out of main bus power points.

A short delay whilst I extend the bus bar to have a new setup .. Allowing for up to 10 points each with ringed connectors in preference to screw fit and also handshake fly leads meaning I can disconnect any power source in isolation of other elements.

Locate and temporarily connect the headphone mic sockets and crackle and we have life !


Then first power up and set the Jersey ATIS 134.67 and loud and clear …

Then press and hold the Function button on the transponder to setup the Config .. Very straightforward .. What fantastic equipment this is … Worked from first connect


I now have my imbedded call sign in G-SWAB 😃😃

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