Panel completion – ASI and Altimeter

Having decided to run two sets quite late on .. I needed to plumb he aircraft accordingly to accept a split feed to supply both front and rear cockpits with suitable tubing and rubber to all the gauges

  • Rear – ASI needed feed and static
  • Rear – Transponder needed static
  • Rear – Altimeter needed static
  • Front – ASI – as above
  • Front – Altimeter – as above

This means you have quite a bit of piping and quite a few rubber connectors

I had started these but Adrian noted that the thinner walled rubber could twist or kink so I should use thicker walled

Took a few evenings preparing and getting elements ready then brought it all together .. Another quite relaxing evening of routing and tying and ensuring things didn’t twist. Also it’s a good time to think of how you might maintain and access post build … So build in suitable lengths of ‘play’ so you can get it out of the panel without it hitting a tight spot

Adrian advised looping the rubber connectors so they had natural curves to ‘arrive’ at the rear of the respective instriment


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