Rear end access ..

So to speak …

The last minute incision I had to make just before test flight day – to replace my dead battery – left me with the need to cut my rear access panel out at some point and put a full new nice neat taught section back in.

The ‘break point’ turned out to be just right and a simple cut to remove that section was easy .. Ensuring that the test of the complete side .. Reg all the way up to the nose remains intact and untouched.


Simple and quick section back in … Doubler strips going on and new leather circular pinked access patches on the rudder and steerable cable exit lines will complete the job

Now ready for nice long flight testing hopefully Sunday as forecasting F2 on runway 26 so that will be over the sea .. Cliff edge … Left hand circuit over Corbiere lighthouse down over St Brelades bay then left at Noirmont Point over St Aubins bay for a left hand base back


If these go well then I plan to widen to proper ’round the island …..

Updates to follow .. Will try to learn how go pro operates and get wing tip and cockpit footage for uploads

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