Cooling – First steps

OK .. So it looks like my first stab at cooling was way too conservative … My start up and warm up are pretty short term affairs .. Getting up to temps (50 ‘ oil temp) in about 5 mins of taxiing

The cooling however, is not brilliant after my first (tentative) hole cut

The problem at the moment is that initial climb out power at around 3200 is fine on first run .. Subsequent circuits it starts to get hot.

As Paul HS advised .. Do small things in steps so that you can monitor the effect of each change in a controlled way.

First step was to open my neat but woefully small cheek inlets (cheeky .. But hey .. It has to be done !)

image Started to widen this out proportionally

image Good old gaffa tape comes into play as a temporary air dam

image Not particularly elegant … YET … Plan to open it out and neaten the entry duct .. Also investigate NACA

If these are being opened I should enlarge the lower exit hole which was largely blocked by the oil cooler matrix and pipe work.


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