Re-cover rear battery access panel

The easy access panel came in handy again and hopefully the last time I will need that for a while 😀

So – it turns out that moving the relatively small Motorcycle battery all the way to the back was

  1. Great for weight .. needed ZERO ballast to fly her straight off the plan !
  2. BUT hopeless when you expect around 5m of cable to still give you suitable start grunt at the front !

the solution was to re-add the original (now spare ) battery at the front – already had then TLAC mounting plate in position..

Then connect the two in parallel and bingo .. it turns like crazy …

Amazing difference yesterday (27th January) and again after a 20 min run .. leave it for a few mins to cool down gen a hot start .. burst into life instantly with barely 1/2 a revolution


Bear back to allow a nice snug fit against the connector


Pick the correct size crimp for the ring connector (16)


Neat auto stamping of the crimp size confirms we used the correct connector for the 16 size crimp .. what a clever feature img_2101

Re cover time – need to undo the rudder connection




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