Free castoring tailwheel – Considerations

Many many months ago , when I first performed taxi testing I found I had trouble getting around some of the tighter angles in front of the hangers at Jersey.

The way around this was to disconnect the steerable tailwheel and this has been absolutely fine and let me turn the aircraft on a sixpence for parking

There was one slight issue i noted ,, when looking at a go pro footage in November when I spotted that if I let the tail down super gently on landing and it touched then left the surface then it had a propensity to spin around

In November it simply snapped straight on the next touch …

Last weekend .. it appears the same happpened  except this time .. as the tail wheel touched a second time it was at 90′ to the direction of travel

The wheel then jammed and my 1/4 mile taxying flattened the wheel at one side eventually ground through the securing bolt as I pulled  into the aeroclub

Telephone Paul in Norfolk and had a new wheel and arms in the post in hours .. fitted in 1 hour

I have now readded the steerable links to prevent reoccurrence




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