Bad crimping …

After some re work of sone original crimped connectors and ground checked I took off today to run a secondary climb test as the first one had proved unsuccessful due to a slightly warm running CHT- 207′ reading

The problem was located to a bad crimp that allowed the unsheathed wire to move fractionally

The offending item was re crimped – along with a few others and re heat sealed

The crosswind today (10 June) was 10 gusting 14 but tomorrow is forecast to be BKN 300 at times ;(

Took off and went into the climb at 1000′ just downwind

Climbed steadily up to just over 4,000′ and CHT didn’t top 167 ‘C !

On topping out I throttled back to around 2,600 and the ‘plane just putted around and did not lose any height for around 10 mins !

Slight problem above – my second crosswind landing in 14kt at 90′ had a wing tip down and a slight scrape ! Embarrassing but I now know my limit !

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