Post 397 – Re check of straight and level speed

Following my last submission of the full Flight Test Schedule – some 14 pages of statistical information gleaned from test flights – I had noted that the max Airspeed was now about 70 mph

This showed a change from my original submission of 80mph and Jon at the LAA wondered why – given that the addition of the wing roots should make it better if anything ?

I duly did a single flight re test last Thursday evening to re check

Just after take off and level at 1000 I pushed forward on the stick to stop the climb and pushed full throttle and let it all settle down

Now, with the wing roots on she just wants to climb at full power but holding her there the airspeed began to climb steadily up the dial and guess what .. smack in the middle – 75mph

Having thought about the reason long and hard I realised that my 80 had probable been me using the SkyDemon app on my mobile to record each flight and noted down ground speed ! It was easier using this device than all the paperwork in an open cockpit

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