LAA sign off !!!

Having re submitted my newly double checked max straight and level speed of 75MPH Jon at the LAA was still curious as to why it had been 80 originally and then I had reported 70 after adding the wing roots when, to all intents and purposes, it should have got faster !

I too had been thinking this was a bit odd and we wanted to work out what had happened or was it simply a Mia read on my part ..

Eventually I remembered where I had got the original 80 reading from ..

When you are taking these readings and noting them down you have a few problems … You are in an open topped biplane with a very small cockpit and, although she does generally fly hands off .. It’s not something that you do for very long and I like to sit with right hand on the stick and left in the throttle .. That doesn’t leave many hands to write with !

So I hit in the idea early in the test programme of taking my mobile and activating Skey Demon just as I started up … This would give me speeds and times and routes which I could note and tie in with go pro footage later.

On one of the early flights where I noted speeds I duly put this in my LAA papers and carried on flying … Of course I now realise that was giving me GROUND speed not air speed ! I remember one early flight I had well over 100 ground speed ! DOH !

Jon was happy and has now sent all the paperwork off to the CAA with a cautionary note saying .. ” .. We understand your eagerness to fly ..  But .. Await the full paperwork – earl or electronic – before flying ” !

Its only a few more days to wait THEN I have officially built a REAL aeroplane !!! 😃✈️

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  1. Ah that sounds better! I was skeptical of your figure compared to ours hence my email back in october

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