Tappets – Jabiru 2200

Had a bit of a worry when checking through the engine documentation and it noted that the tappets should have been checked and re checked at early intervals

Its sounding very sweet and settled but I printed off the detail and took off the rocket box cover from one cylinder head to check exactly what I needed to do.

I haven’t done tappets for simply ages – not since I rebuilt the head of my 1967 MGB Roadster when I was about 20 !

So I was a bit perplexed when I couldn’t see the adjuster nuts on the pushrod heads ?

I contacted my good engineer Danny Baker who kindly put my mind at rest …

“At the base of the pushrods there are cylinders with springs in, when the oil pressure hits them they expand to a certain pressure which maintains the correct gap, very simple but works great”

What a neat idea !



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