Permit renewal coming up

So checked with my local friendly Chief Engineer , Bob …

The repeat form looks fairly straightforward …

Well .. the form is … it was a problem with the ‘part’ holding the pen !

Having sent the form off duly signed up I got a nice email from the LAA engineering advising that I hadn’t quite completed it correctly … on re checking I had managed to take the figures from the empty weighing page on the LAA Weight and Balance workbook instead of the page that brings all that together with the variable weight elements .. ie fuel, me, pax, etc  !

As I was about to get on the boat for a rare holiday I thought this would be a painful delay as I would only have 1 week to complete in return before the permit ran out … and .. on checking the form it is easier to keep it IN permit than let it expire …

Anyway .. Jerry (Parr) from LAA engineering acknowledged my apologies for being a dummy and entering the incorrect figures (advised an apology wasn’t necessary .. which was nice touch) and accepted my correct figures via email

Got an email back that afternoon advising it should all go through later that day

Many thanks LAA .. very efficient service




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