Finally – Smoke stress test completed

This part has certainly not been easy … to stress various values ends up putting parts of the aircraft at risk of being damaged if you don’t do it really carefully…

Given a max weight of oil tank, plus pump plus a full load of (baby) oil… the all up (unit) weight is 19,7kg .. you then need to cater for Forward factors of x 9 … side to side of x 4.5 and vertical of x 6

So Forward is a mere 177.3 kg

Side to side is 88.65 kg

And vertical is 118.2 kg

Will and I decided to removed the front windscreen to prevent any accidental damage caused by a straining strop moving and cracking !

And the 4 stainless turnbuckles that secured this so tightly held rock solid …

Also checked none of this impedes any control movement or even getting in and out !

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