D Day (Landing) 6th June ..

Nice bit of crosswind .. around 10 knots … Wills pretty much flew the whole thing and brought it in nicely .. also helped as he counted down the airspeed on approach … probably landed a shade too much speed … and a fair bit of rudder at the end … this ‘plane certainly teaches you good use of rudder

As mentioned in a previous post the cowl is a ‘re use’ of the original that I discarded after over trimming. On this flight (just under 90 mins) I was keeping a close eye on engine performance and temps … it takes a while to ‘settle’ any aerodynamic change and switching your cowling isn’t just a paint job !

Turned out to be quite close .. but did run a little warmer than usual .. and at one point reached 97’ on the oil temp … that turned out partly to be the cowl and partly Will was flying slightly cross controlled … “Ball in the middle” sorted the airflow and we dropped 4 degrees almost straight away.

I’ll double check the baffles at the front are not inhibited and that the cut out openings (which look fine) are indeed as large as the original cowl.

Plan to fly with this one for a few weeks on and off

(Another thing I noticed … in the sun .. the Matt black gets super hot compared to the plain white … really absorbs the heat)

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