Jabiru 2200 – Documentation update

I got an update set of documentation today from SkyCraft who are the UK agents for all things Jabiru .. some is aimed at later mark engines and this is probably one of those .. but worth a look …

Browsing through some of them I noticed there was an update on cooling options using the cowls, similar to the ones that I have. They seem to fit in a slightly different way , with a front located retaining spring vs the loop one I have around the cylinder head .. And they have the same cooling pipes at the rear , pointing down onto the Mags which get hot in use. However, there was one primary difference .. which I don’t have …

The front intake holes on the cowls had 2 ram air lower ducts fitted. These look like they have the effect of

  • compressing the incoming air
  • Forcing it into the now reduced upper section of the duct
  • Pushing this (presumably) faster air over the tops of all cylinders heads
  • Preventing (pretty much all) air from ‘bleeding’ below the cylinders

This could be a useful trial update for me .. although the engine generally runs at good temps I’ve noticed 2 up and fairly full of fuel and she does get quite warm …

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