Smoke – First

The other day was a very cold but at least clear day so I half filled the smoke oil tank with baby oil and ratcheted the securing strap up for its first proper air test.

I’ll need to source a better power plug connector .. these ones with crimped spades that push into plastic connector blocks are very weak … but should be ok for initial test.

Having run an initial 1 second ground test to make sure the pump operated from the rear cockpit switch I set off to get in and warm the engine

Getting in was its usual squeeze in the winter.. with around 5 layers on .. its cosy though and you soon dont feel the cold as everything gets going

I’d pre briefed I think it was Russell in ATC that I’d like to do a circuit just to make sure all fittings were stable and my feet remained clear of all fittings in terms of rudder access and pump … and then advised I’d like to do a straight pass over the runway at around 800′ to try the smoke …the idea being that if anything was to happen .. I could dead stick down ..

All went fine and setup the approach for the first 800′ overly… slight thing to factor was an ATR had just take off as I was on short final so I was advised to turn before I flew through his prop wash at the end of the runway .. not a problem as I usually turn just before the end to clear the centre line

Anyway … my little wing mirror I fitted a few weeks ago revealed zip coming out of the back .. tried the switch several times and nothing…

Did 4 more circuits and finished with a usual very tight 1 min circuit to land … the ATC controller was awesome as I called close downwind she cleared another FlyBe ATR to take off and he was pretty slow to move so I held a few more seconds until I saw him roll then wing over on a nice tight right base and touch down just a few seconds after his wheels left the ground…

Thanked ATC and wished a Happy New Year and taxed in to check why the oil wasnt working …

Checked all fittings and switches and fine …the realised.. doh … to prevent any spillage I’d turned the flow valve fully off … this means loading the tank is a nice dry affair ….

Anyway .. valve duly turned on and a hop back in and clear prop .. restart …and hey presto .. smoke … not as billowy as I’d like.. but smoke

Stopped the engine hopped out and found a very wet undercarriage…so it’s too rich

Turned mixture , flow down from 2 full turns to 1

Hopped on again …and restart… not much smoke.. but less liquid …

So need to check what flow valve setting is optimal and also emailed Smokin Airplanes in US to see what is best burn rate for oil on this type of.engjne … prob better at revs around 2700 vs on hard standing around 1800

Watch this space ….. 😊

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  1. Hi David
    Happy New Year
    If a higher EGT doesn’t help, then you might have to pre heat the baby oil, either, wrap the feed pipe around the exhaust pipe just before injection point, or, install a pre heater into the system.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards

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