Engineering Day – Skycraft Jabiru Course 1

What a fantastic day with a great bunch of people ….

Flew out from misty foggy Jersey yesterday to even mistier and foggier Gatwick and then long drive up to Holbeach to stay in a small pup overnight ahead of today’s starter course for those who want to know a bit more about the Jabiru 2200 engine.

Started with lubrication … a very good place to start …

Next … electrics … not everyone’s favourite …

Next … mechanical bits … valves and tappers and compressions ….

Other useful bits to write up from my little notebook.

  • Oil breather pipe should rise initially before dropping away to catch bottle …
  • Oil excess overflow should not have a drain pipe that could end up pressurising the crankcase
  • Carb balance air pipe should come from filtered side of carb and into filtered side of air filter …should intrude by 20mm for good fit
  • Check the carb is earthed to engine
  • Flywheel bolts now have special new nordloc washers and new bolts ..old bolts need changing at 100 hours .. new ones won’t … the old ones could well be difficult to get out…remove spider … heat can be used to break the loctite .. but .. make sure you protect the magnets .. once heated .. let it cool right down first before trying to break the seal
  • When setting tappets ALWAYS do it cold .. so good plan .. drain oil hot from a run .. leave overnight to fully drain … then take a plug out to reduce turn pressure on prop and get piston to TDC then adjust as above
  • Good idea to make a mark on stator for where TDC is per cylinder
  • Check the small bung grub screws inside the tapper cover head .. these can come loose and cause oil to spill down thetappet pushrod guide tubes .. think I may well have this on mine !
  • Push rod tubes are rubber o ringed at bottom and circlipped at top
  • When replacing the inlet manifold rubbers .. prob best to cut the old ones off .. remove jubilee clips … then a bit of grease and turn the outer manifold pipe through 45’ .. it’s only on a rubber o ring to turning it makes new pipe slip on really easy
  • Note .. when checking torque on ALL cylinder head bolts .. start at 23 ft lbs and remove the bung acts which allows long drive access to 5th head bolt for torquing
  • All electrical parts should be Bosch .. distributor cap, rotor arms etc
  • Remember the ‘hidden’ filter in the pump
  • Oil pump return valve spring and fitting … push check … to make sure it’s free moving
  • Jabiru carb needle jet options … AUS vs U.K. … N2 for U.K. with fully tapered jet needle vs single bar straight sided needle for AUS market and weather conditions

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