2nd smoke test – Rear facing camera

With some pretty grey skies over Jersey and a reasonable breeze of 250/15 so only 20′ off runway heading… I put what was left of my smoke oil in the smoke tank … filled up the fuel from my standby Jerry can … and started up

This was initially without the top and bottom cowl on just to check the head re torque and rocker cover retightening I’d completed

Turned out well … although at 1.5 turns on the oil mixture .. I think the smoke looked slightly less dense than last time .. so I’m wondering if, in damp wet conditions the mixture may need to be less ?

It was certainly damp and ended up, on return to the circuit actually raining… interesting experience

I’ve been in a Stampe in heavy rain and even hail before but this started as just sea fret then built up and was washing over the front screen and sides … inside you actually stay quite dry but, the recent clean I’d given her meant the rain just flew off the Oratex covering.

Ended up being held in the bay just off centreline and base leg as an abort on the runway by another light aircraft caused a double runway inspection and held me off south and a Blue Islands Training ATR off North as the rain came down yet again .. the Joy’s of winter flying …

Landed with a smile tho 😊

One comment on my You tube post …

3 short 2 second bursts … makes my ‘plane look fast !

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