Always checking

Whilst cleaning the oil down and covering her up for the unknown time associated with Covid19 epidemic I noticed that a couple of the tail rigging wires didnt seem to have the twang they used to …

The construction has a really neat way of getting these just right in the tail .. using packing washers

You have 8 cables 2 each side top and 2 each side under providing a nice tight geometric taught support for the tail plane

Slight problem is .. there are no turnbuckle.. as this would not only weight but also drag ..

So you make each of the 8 wires to ‘exact’ length with thimble and crimps and use 2-3 washers to pack ..

Once in situ .. you hopefully have it all nice and rigid .. problem is that moving any 1 affects ALL in the setup .. beautifull engineering and geometry.. but a pain 😊

Anyway .. removing 1 washer from 2 and bingo .. the whole setup was making a nice ping noise again when flicked with a finger .. the acid test

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  1. Hi David
    Been catching up on your posts whilst I’m isolated, and just read this one.
    I don’t know if you’re aware, but with fixed cable lengths like this setup, if it has stretched further than shim washers will take up, simply twist the cable one rotation or more (in the direction of the twist), and this will reduce the overall length.
    This can be done with any cable, including control cables. With control cables, always twist them on the longest free length between any pulley, otherwise it can slacken when the twist works it’s way into the full length of the cable.
    Hope this helps for the future,
    I’ve missed seeing you flying over the house.
    By the way, I’ve been looking at Oracover U Look 600, ? What are your views on it with regards to ease of use, longevity and price. My assumption is that it is better all round, just wondering if you might have any tips, or pitfalls I should be aware of.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Nigel … many thanks for that .. I didn’t realise that was an option … I do have some spare thimbles and cables ..
    Re Oratex … awesome stuff once you get used to it … if you look on the blog where I did the wings .. that’s probably the most detailed one with pictures … it’s excellent material and very flexible ..I struggled with the first piece .. the rudder I think … prob not a good one to start with .. that long sweeping curve …

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